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Standard Room

All You Need

Standard Room

Make yourself comfortable in one of our Standard Rooms where you will find all the essential amenities, including air conditioning, a TV and a private bathroom. Moroccan decor greets you as you walk in whilst a spectacular view of St Paul’s Bay awaits at your balcony. The layout can be altered to suit your preferences with a choice between a twin or double bed set-up.

Balcony / Terrace, Air Conditioner Cooling / Heating, Ceiling Fan, Bathtub / Shower, Hair Dryer, Vanity Mirror, Bathroom Stool, Tea / Coffee Making Facilities, Mini Fridge, Free Safety Deposit Box, Free Wi-Fi, Flat Screen Satellite TV (International Channels), Direct Dial Telephone, Bedside Reading Light, International Power Sockets, Outdoor Furniture, Retractable Clothes Dryer, Cot Available Upon Request
Room size: 23 m²
Bed type: Twin / Double
Occupancy: 2 + Cot
Number of rooms: 143
dbsanantonio_hotel_TwinDouble Room2_Malta
dbsanantonio_hotel_TwinDouble Room 1_Malta