Sustainable Policy

Climate change is already impacting human health around the world. The key principles of our Sustainability Policy are to focus to integrate sustainability considerations into all the company’s business processes and practices. In this manner we are ensuring that the company is not only compliant but wherever feasible exceeds compliance expectations to all applicable regulatory legislation and codes of practices. Hence we all have a duty of care to sustain the natural, cultural and social-economic environment in accordance with our ethos and our policies


  • To comply: with and exceed where practicable all applicable legislation, regulations and codes of practice.

  • To integrate sustainability considerations into all our business decisions.

  • To review, annually report, and to continually strive to improve our sustainability performance. Our targets to improving this are as follows:
    • Reduce electricity by 4% by 2019
    • Reduce water consumption by 4% by 2019
    • Reduce the amount of mixed waste produced by 4% by 2019

  • Use products that have a minimal environmental impact.

  • Seek to conserve natural resources by ensuring the responsible use of energy, water and materials, whilst still providing the high quality of service experienced by our guests.

  • To reduce the impact of paper usage, the company issues Employees Payslips electronically, via email. Employees are required to support this initiative by supplying the Payroll Clerk with their email address.

Human Rights:

  • At db Hotels Resorts + Spa we support and respect the protection of human rights within the company’s sphere of influence and conduct our business in a manner consistent with the principles contained within Declaration of Human Rights. These efforts include a focus on standing against such tragedies as human trafficking and the exploitation of children.

  • Ethical Business Conduct: We believe that it is defined both by the results it achieves, and the way it achieves them. At db Hotels Resorts + Spa is committed to maintaining a high standard of business ethics, integrity and honesty in full compliance with all applicable laws. The Company’s Code of Business Ethics contains rules and guidelines, and serves as a reminder of its policies and commitment to do what is right and ethical for db Hotels Resorts + Spa environment. All employees, hotels, and contracted parties shall comply with the laws and agreements applicable to operations and positions in the countries and jurisdictions where they operate.

  • Protection of the Rights of Children: db Hotels Resorts + Spa supports every child’s right to a safe and secure childhood and is committed to the principle that all people have the right to grow up and develop without fear of exploitation or harm. db Hotels Resorts + Spa condemns all forms of exploitation of children. The Company does not recruit child labour, in accordance with the applicable International Labour Organization Conventions, and supports the elimination of exploitive child labour. The Company and its employees shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the prevention of the commercial sexual exploitation of children, including the prevention of the use of its premises for such exploitation.

  • Combating Human Trafficking: db Hotels Resorts + Spa is committed to combatting modern-day slavery through the adoption and promotion of business practices that seek to protect victims of human trafficking, and the development of proactive measures to educate employees and encourage its partners and the broader business community to take a stand against human trafficking.

  • Protection of the Rights of Employees: We seek to maintain a culture that supports the well-being and inclusion of all employees and we committed to encouraging a positive working environment which meets and exceeds legal requirements. db Hotels Resorts + Spa recruits employees without regard to race, gender, age, disability, marital status, pregnancy, sexual orientation, nationality, caste, political affiliation, veteran status, religious beliefs, union organization, minority group or any other characteristic protected by law. We support the elimination of forced labour, prison labour, indentured labour or exploited bonded labour and the freedom of association and the right to choose a collective bargaining representative. db Hotels Resorts + Spa endeavours to hold its suppliers and contractors to the same ethical business standards and human rights compliance it supports.


  • To ensure that all staff are fully aware of our sustainability policy and are committed to implementing and improving it

  • Ensure that all employees are aware of and develop their duty to provide a first-class quality of service

  • Ensure that all employees are treated fairly and that all employee rights are adhered to

  • Ensure that all employees are aware of and develop their duty of care for the natural, cultural and social environment, by providing all employees with the information and training necessary to achieve the stated goals of this sustainability policy.

Local Community:

  • We are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility and ethical work practices. The company has established social partnerships with public authorities and voluntary organisations. Our primary objective is to benefit communities in the Maltese Islands. Additionally, in-line with the company’s sustainability policy, the group constantly endeavours to implement eco-friendly measures and technologies to protect and revive the environment and our indigenous ecosystems.

  • The company also seeks to offer support to members of disadvantaged communities, through philanthropic acts and donations. Any Employees who would like to make a regular donation to this fund may opt to contribute €1 (one Euro) per month from their monthly salary. The hotel organises internal fundraising activities to raise funds for specific philanthropic organisations, raising funds through our guests and/or organising mid yearly events. Collected fund are then donated annually to the charity of choice.

  • To make clients and suppliers aware of our sustainability policy, and encourage them to adopt sound sustainable management practices.
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