db Hotels + Resorts chain inaugurated

Posted on: March 10, 2015

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat inaugurated the db Hotels + Resorts chain, today 9th March 2015, during the inauguration of the new db San Antonio Hotel + Spa. The group now owns the 2 largest hotels in Malta with over 500 rooms each offering accommodation on All-Inclusive basis - db Seabank Resort + Spa and db San Antonio Hotel + Spa.

Silvio Debono, Chairman Seabank Group: “In the last 3 years, our group has invested a total €72 million in the db Seabank and the db San Antonio to offer excellence to all our guests. In this regard, the new hotel chain db Hotels + Resorts is being launched to assure that the level of excellence is integrated within the systems and managerial procedures. db San Antonio hotel was designed and will start operating on the same style of All-inclusive basis, with a 5 star service at a 4 star prices. We have ambitious plans for our new hotel chain and we are looking at both the local and foreign markets.”