The Red Tower

The Red Tower - Mellieha -  Malta - Fortification - St. Agatha

St. Agatha - The Red Tower

Mellieha - Fortification

The Red Tower is situated on the crest of Marfa Ridge. It was built during the reign of Grand Master Jean Paul Lascaris Castellar in 1649 and dedicated to St. Agatha. St. Agatha was a Christian martyr who was venerated as a symbol of strength against invasion and the plague in both Sicily and Malta.

The strategic location of this watch-tower was ideal for the transmission of signals of any maritime attacks to Valletta. This is why The Red Tower was one of the most defensive positions during the time of Knights of St. John. The Tower is square in plan and the outer walls are about four meters thick.

When fully manned it could garrison 49 men and held enough water to withstand a siege of 40 days. During the British period, St. Agatha's Red Tower was used as a defense post and then as a radar station by the Armed Forces of Malta. 

From its roof, visitors can enjoy marvelous all round views of Mellieha Bay, Comino, Gozo and The Nature Reserve.

Opening Hours

The Red Tower is opened by Din l-Art Helwa volunteers from Monday-Sunday from 10.00 to 13.00 hrs. Tuesdays op

Red Tower