Places You Must See

Places You Must See in Malta

Valleta, Mdina, Gozo & Comino, Neolithic Temples

We’re right in the centre of the Mediterranean sea, famous as one of the most culturally rich and exotic destinations in the world, reaching a balance between ancient history to discover and sunny beaches where to relax.

Malta has been under the occupation of the Phoenicians, Byzantines, Arabs, Romans, and the Knights of the Order of St. John, giving rise to a plethora of mesmerising architecture, interesting traditions and delicious cuisine. Top places to visit include:

Valletta: A UNESCO Heritage City. This baroque fortress city was constructed by the Knights of St. John  on a penisula jutting into the Grand Harbour. Its grid like street structure of makes it easy to visit the key sites within a day, from the formidable Co-Cathedral that holds art pieces from the Renaissance, including Caravaggio’s Beheading of St. John  and the Grand Master’s Palace, site of the Armory and currently seat of Malta’s Parliament of Representatives.

Mdina, the old capital city of the island, is built on high ground in the centre of the island and offers incredible vistas of the north from its battlements. Its winding narrow streets recall a quieter time, earning it the nickname of the ‘Silent City’. You can find also find several museums exploring different aspects of the old capital. Coffee shops and restaurants also abound.

Neolithic Temples. Built thousands of years before recorded history, these hulking structures defy gravity as they stand in silent testament to forgotten gods. Having weathered the elements for millenia, the temples to be found around the island are formidable and awe inspiring.

Gozo & Comino. The sister islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino have a different charm. The quaint agricultural and fishing villages of Gozo lend themselves to exploration and the discovery of several unique nuggets of folklore. Both islands are also ideal for a quite day trip in a natural setting.