IPL Laser Hair Removal from €200 yearly

Posted on: April 03, 2016

Intense Pulse Light is the definitive treatment of unwanted hair. For a fraction of a second, these hairs are exposed to the pulse light/energy which is absorbed by the hair pigment, adapting itself to the thickness of the hair. The pigment heats up, transmits the heat to the root and burns it. If the temperature in the hair root reaches 70 degrees, the hair follicles that supply the hair root are seared shut so that the hair cannot grow back. In a fraction of a second dozens of hair follicles are treated simultaneously, making this a very quick and effective hair removal method for almost all skin types.

With the IPL treatments no artificial substances are injected into the skin. In fact, the skin repairs and improves itself with long-lasting results. The healing process is even and starts with the first treatment.


Gold Package:  €350 - ideal for small, medium & large areas

Silver Package: €200 - ideal for small & medium areas


Terms and Conditions

  • IPL laser card holder, is entitled to a free IPL consultation with an IPL consultant.
  • Treatments are carried out on the card holder only.
  • Card is applicable for IPL hair removal only
  • Card is valid for 12 months from date of agreement
  • Treatments are carried out by appointment only
  • Card holder is entitled to any number of sessions with a maximum treatment session of 60 minutes and a minimum of 8 weeks between each session. A time slot will be allocated from start to finish time. Duration of treatment may be reduced accordingly should card holder show up late or fail to show up for the appointment without prior notice.
  • Laser card holder needs to follow pre-treatment advice. Any time lost eg. Shaving, may be deducted from the treatment time 
  • Card holder can chose to have a treatment on any desired area 
  • Card must be presented at every visit
  • Laser card may not be used in conjunction with any other offer
  • IPL treatments cannot be performed during the months of July & August