Malta Kulinarja Championships 2013

Posted on: November 25, 2013

The Malta Chefs Society organises national bi-annual championships for the culinary professionals. This year, was a record in terms of participants, different participating countries and competitions held. Our kitchen team led by our Executive Chef, Mr. Stephen Gatt, have decided to take the challenge even though only chefs from the elite 5 star establishments normally take part. 

Our participants in the individual competitions were: Christian Gauci, Kun He, Salome Camilleri Aquilina & Robert Borg. These young professionals gave a fantastic show of their skills and came away with 3 bronze medals.

In the senior team competitions, our Sous chefs Simon Zammit and Paul Bajada, together with Pastry Chef, Millicent Borg, prepared a 3-course, beautifully elaborate, gourmet set of dishes and grabbed a prestigious Silver Medal.

The awards were presented during a gala dinner on Sunday 24th November.

On behalf of the Seabank directors and management team, I would like to congratulate our team of chefs for the effort and dedication they have put into these competitions and most of all for making us proud with their achievements.

Well done chefs!

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Hubert Debono
General Manager

Culinary Competition 2013