Homemade Mince Pies

Posted on: November 19, 2014

Minced Pies

There's nothing quite like homemade mince pies at Christmas served warm from the oven with a glass of mulled wine. 


  • 500g Sultanas
  • 500g Golden Currants
  • 500g Raisins
  • 2 Orange Zests and 2 Lemon Zests
  • 2 Green Apples Cubes
  • Cinnamon Powder
  • Brandy
  • Mixed spice
  • 300g Nibbed almonds
  • 2Kg Sweet Pastry

How to: 

Cook the fruit in Orange juice. Put Orange and Lemon Zests, brandy, cinnamon and mixed soice and cook. When cooked mix in the apple cubes and chill. Mix in the nibbed almonds at the end.