Westreme - Experience the Taste

Our name is derived from the historically significant Westreme Battery that is located just around the corner. Built by the Order of St. John in 1715, this was actually the first line of defence breached by the French invaders in 1798.

Over the years, the building was modified, restored and adapted for different uses and today only parts of it remain standing as a lasting testament to its illustrious past. Now you know the story, from now onwards you will associate the Westreme name with our varied selection of delicious meals including salads, pasta, grills and pizzas – all freshly prepared with top quality ingredients for your enjoyment.

We wanted Westreme to offer something for the whole family and to do this we have designed the restaurant with adequate space for parents and children to enjoy themselves together. It’s a hassle-free, home-from-home, no fuss, great food variety, very welcoming and best of all, your kids can do their own thing while you do yours. They have their own menu, their own area and their own entertainment.

So you do too!

Our Details

Address - Marfa Road, MLH9063, Mellieħa MALTA

Tel: +356 2152 1126

For any queries contact us on: info@westreme.com

The restaurant does not form part of the All-Inclusive package however guests at db Seabank Resort + Spa are entitled to a 10% discount.

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