Top Pizzaiolo in Malta

Posted on: June 02, 2015

Guiseppe De Luca, recognised as the best Pizzaiolo in Malta

Participating in the Arla Mozzarella Malta Pizza Challenge with 26 pizzaiolo, Guiseppe De Luca had to prepare 4 pizzas: classica, calzone, focaccia and a 'mystery' pizza. He succeeded to win the title of the best overall Pizzaiolo in Malta after succeeding in his presentation. Apart from this recognition, Mr. De Luca also won a professional pizza course at the Accademia Pizzaioli in Italy.

Jonathan Farrugia, Executive Chef at db San Antonio Hotel + Spa, congratulate Mr. De Luca for his achievement and expressed his satisfaction that the db team is composed of outstanding members. "We are very proud to have this talent within our team as this will continue to guarantee the best service for our guests", said Mr. Farrugia.

This competition was organised by AppleCore Foods Ltd, with all proceeds going to the Puttinu Care Foundation - the foundation which supports children with cancers.