Chocolate Christmas Nativity Crib

Posted on: December 12, 2016

460 kilos of recycled Chocolates & 80 hours of work

As part of our annual Christmas decorations, our Pastry Chefs presented a traditional maltese Christmas Nativity Crib made full of chocolate. It is an old Maltese tradtion that in every household a crib is displayed at this time of the year.

Bradley Dingli, General Manager of db San Antonio Hotel + Spa said that the team of Pastry Chefs, Glenmark, Josef, Dora, Martin, Alessandro and Paul, got together and created this piece of art with 460 kilos of recycled chocolate. It took them 80 hours of work to build it by cutting chocolate sheet, moulding, shaping it in place and spraying it.

The chocolate Christmas Nativity crib gives special praise to all tradesmanship who service our hotel in its daily operation, by having a representation.

Our Pastry team wishes you all the best and invites you to visit this chocolate crib at the pleasure of it's chocolate scent.