Best Pizza Margherita on the Island

Posted on: June 06, 2016

dBistro Pizzaiolo competes against 50 participants

The dBistro Restaurant Pizzaiolo, Srdjan Asceric, won the Best Pizza Margherita Award in Malta during this year’s Arla Malta Pizza Challenge 2016.

More than 50 Pizzaioli residing in Malta took part in this year’s competition and were judged on their culinary technique, skill, style and creativity of Pizzas. Each participant had 20 mins to prepare 2 pizzas, a Pizza Margherita and a Pizza Fantasia.

Srdjan Asceric won 2nd place for his Pizza Fantasia and 3rd overall winner of the Arla Malta Pizza Challenge 2016.

Jonathan Farrugia, Executive Chef at db San Antonio Hotel + Spa, said, “the award confirms the passion and dedication of our staff towards the culinary industry. We strive to be the best on the island and we keep looking for the best staff to assure the best quality of food for our guests.”

Srdjan Asceric, dBistro Pizzaiolo expressed his satisfaction for such recognition and invited all maltese to come over at dBistro Restaurant to taste his winning pizza.

The Arla Malta Pizza Challenge 2016 competition was held between 27th and 30th May 2016 at Melita Gardens, Balzan.