Conferences & Events

db San Antonio Hotel & Spa caters for events and conference both by the pool or in a form of meeting rooms. The facility can host conferences, meetings, exhibitions, Banquets, Weddings, Dance activities, beauty contests and other functions such as team building and social events.

The hotel has 4 syndicate rooms which are:

  • Casablanca – Multi functional room for up to 450 persons
  • Marrakech – Syndicate room for up to 70 persons
  • Tangier - Syndicate room for up to 50 persons
  • Agadir – Syndicate room for up to 20 persons

The Foyer and main meeting room can accommodate 700 people for cocktail receptions.

For further information, kindly contact our events team on
Tel: (+356) 2289 1827 or email: