Guéliz Restaurant


Hotel's All-Inclusive Buffet Main Restaurant

Our main restaurant is named after the modern district of Marrakesh, one of the ancient imperial cities of Morocco. Its name derives from mur (n) akush, which means “Land of God”. The decor recalls Morocco's Guéliz urban district and is washed in delicated Moorish colours. We serve a meticulously prepared, exquisite and lavish buffet straight from our chefs' pans three times a day.

Breakfast – Opening hours 0700hrs – 1030hrs

Our rich, get-up-and-go buffet breakfast consists of a wide selection of succulent pastries, fresh local breads, cold cuts, foreign and local cheeses and salads. Fresh items including all sort of fruits, milk, yogurt and a variety of cereals. If you fancy a full English breakfast, our chefs are ready at the cooking station to make it just the way you like it.

Lunch – Opening hours 1230hrs – 1500hrs

All types of salads, antipasti, soups and pastas, prepared with various ingredients and using traditional and modern receipes, at the heart of our daily lunch. In addition, beef, chicken, fish and a selection of vegetables, rice and potatoes are served directly from our chefs' live cooking stations. And to finish off we tempt you with a range of gateaux, fruits, cheeses and ice-creams.

Dinner – Opening hours as from 1800hrs

Facing magnificent Mediterranean sunset views, our Guéliz Restaurant invites you to dinner with a mouth-watering array of antipasti, piping hot soups and a selection of pasta dishes and pizzas. Our chefs serve their meat specialities from the carvery station while other main dishes are served from the hot counter together with dazzling range of accompaniments. Cheeses and desserts are served fresh every day.

Every Thursday is our traditional Maltese night were our chefs prepare local maltese dishes with recipes originated from our ancestors.

Important notice

-          Until COVID 19 Measures are lifted and removed by local government, Gueliz Restaurant is not serving any Buffets. The service has been changed to reflect an ‘Assisted Plated Menu’ offering for Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Snacks and Dinner.

Non-Resident guests:

Our hotel welcomes non-resident guests to enjoy our lavish live cooking buffet.


*Prices are:

  • Buffet Breakfast at €15.00 per person
  • All-Inclusive Buffet Lunch at €25.00 per adult, Children 6-11 years €12.50 per child (Mon to Sat)
  • All-Inclusive Buffet Dinner at €26.50 per person, Children 6-11 years at €13.25 per child
  • All-Inclusive Winter Sunday Buffet Lunch at €29.00 per person, Children 6-11 years at €14.50 per child (Oct - Jun)
  • All-Inclusive Summer Sunday Buffet Lunch at €25.00 per person (July - Sept).

*Prices may vary and change on special occasions and according to the management's discretion.

Kids 0-5 years Free. All Inclusive includes house wines, house beers, soft drinks, juices, water & coffee. For those who are on a special diet, please notify us in advance to be able to cater for you.

It is recommended to book in advance by inquiring at the reception on Tel: (+356) 2158 3434 / (+356) 2350 3512 or email us on