Student Placement Experience - Luana Mifsud

Posted on: December 30, 2016

"An Opportunity to expand my knowledge" - Luana

I am Luana Mifsud, a 14 year old teenager from Zurrieq. I am a student and currently attending St Ignatius Girls Secondary School, Handaq. Part of our school project related to career development, consisted of giving students an opportunity to job exposure, as this will give us a better view of the jobs world. So I decided to choose the hospitality industry, as I personally think it is great to work with tourists from different cultures. The tourism sector gives me the opportunity to expand my knowledge.

After showing my interest to work in hospitality, the school gave me the opportunity to spend a week at db San Antonio Hotel + Spa, Qawra. When the day finally arrived I was on pins and needles as I didn’t know what to expect or if I would be welcomed. Then again, I didn’t have to fill my head with worries because it wasn’t how I thought it would turn out to be. When I entered the reception area I was blown away as the hotel was really organised and perfectly designed. From my first meeting with the employees I could immediately say that they are all kind hearted. They made me feel at home!

During my week I had the chance to see all parts of the extremely beautiful hotel. I also had the opportunity to visit all departments: Food and Beverage, Sales and Marketing, Accounts and Human Resources. They all filled me with lots of information which I will sure remember for the future! Not only I had to observe but I also had the chance to give a helping hand in each department, for example, I helped to set up and clean the tables in the main restaurant, file documents, post letters and other tasks. Apart from that, I met lots of new people and learned so much from them. Still the most important thing is not only to work hard but also to please the guests as this will influence their stay in the hotel and I could say that all of the employees do this!

The week quickly passed and I didn’t even see the time passing! I felt quite sad to say the last goodbye to all the new friends I made and I am sure that I am going to miss everyone and maybe someday I would have another chance to come and visit the hotel! Then again, I am definitely going to ask my mother to go on a holiday in this hotel and maybe in the future I will also have the opportunity to work here!